The Missing Link Between Data & Action

 We transform your raw material


Into tailored business solutionsSolutionsAlt Partner1

We believe a new software is only useful if it actually helps solve real business problems. Our prime added value lies in turning Microsoft's new game-changing Power BI suite into simple, intuitive, yet super-powerful business solutions.


Revamp Your Reporting, The Modern Way

Get Answers in Seconds.

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Simple but super-powerful. Our carefully designed, interactive, and automated solutions allow business users to get to the facts with a seamless drill-down experience and easy-to-spot indicators.

Motivate Your People.


People want to be productive. Freed from manual reporting tasks, and with real-time visibility on performance that all can agree on, they can focus on adding value with the help of solutions that integrate perfectly with their best friend Excel.

Go Agile.


As a decision maker, you desire flexibility and execution. We bring you tangible results in weeks, so we can iterate and move on to your next priority. Our adaptable solutions allow you to respond to change rapidly.

Data is the New Electricity. Ready to Switch On the Lights?




Our team is based in London, UK. We are currently working with global luxury brands across several countries.

Our services can be adapted to your company size and sector - we take more of a departmental approach.

Does your department have data and a desire to make smarter decisions?

Tell us how we can help.





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