Making Sense Of Your Data

Data is the new electricity. Extracting actionable intelligence from ever-increasing amounts of data is now the difference between market leaders and struggling followers.

Save time

Free your people from time-consuming reporting to focus on what matters - insights and action.

Reduce stress

Always feel in control with the right information at your fingertips: data, from oppression to empowerment.

Increase profit

Use data to increase customer loyalty, and to uncover massive sales and cost savings opportunities.



From manual and descriptive to automated and predictive analytics

As a strategic partner for your data and analytics journey, we help you build and execute a step-by-step plan to move from paper-based reporting to automated and actionable dashboards that show you the past, the present and predict future trends. Our clients routinely see ROIs between 10X and 50X on their monthly engagements with us.

  • Quick Win

    Building trust by providing tangible value, quickly and and cost-effectively.

  • Bespoke Roadmap

    Building the big picture: your step-by-step plan to reach the analytics edge.

  • Solution Development

    Instilling the right touch of art in science to build dashboards that hit the nerve, every time.

  • User Adoption

    Change management and building a data-driven culture.

  • Support & Evolve

    Evolving your solutions as your business evolves.


Speed your decisions with intuitive dashboards

We help you uncover the right data with ready-to-use Power BI solutions that are not just beautiful: they are crafted to enable action based on an understanding of the past, the present and the future. The specific design of our solutions has been refined through years of consulting experience following 3 key principles:

Narrow down (to the most urgent).
Analyse (the past, present and future).
Act (before it’s too late).


Need help to automate your financial reporting, to analyse your cost drivers or to make a faster decision on which stores to close?


Looking for a way to analyse your sales in real-time, to gain deeper insights on your stores performance or to empower your sales team to never miss a sale again?


Struggling to have the right products at the right place and at the right time or simply to understand what’s sitting in your stock in real-time?


Next level analytics demands more than pretty dashboards. Sensdat helps clients define objectives that serve a broader vision: using data as a competitive advantage. Each of our services fits into our mission of helping to build the businesses of the future.


Empowering 70 sales people to sell more

Empowering 70 sales people to sell more

Key Achievements: empowering a 70 people sales team with data to sell more while freeing up 30% of the customer service resources' time. Challenges The client is a mid-size market wholesaler with a sales force of more than...

Turning the Lights on Sales & Margin

Turning the Lights on Sales & Margin

Challenge The client, an expanding local food distributor based in Toronto, Canada, lacked detailed visibility of their weekly sales and margin, both on the product and customer side. Their ERP did not provide an intuitive and flexible reporting...

Helping a fashion retailer reduce inventory by 40%

Helping a fashion retailer reduce inventory by 40%

Key Achievements: helping a fashion business reduce its overall inventory level by 40%, potentially increasing its yearly cash-flow by 12 millions € and saving 1.5 million € in inventory costs. Challenge The client, a fashion retailer with a...

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In everything we do, we are committed to translating the difficult and confusing into the achievable and practical. We believe in a future where data is the electricity that powers business growth. We wake up every day to help build the businesses that fit into that future, one step at a time.