Let me introduce my new favorite super hero: Power Query!

In his previous post “How to become the star analyst of your company”, Kevin quickly introduced the “Microsoft BI Things” and more specifically Power Query. This new (Well… actually it came out in 2013) free add-in enables you to get data from almost any sources and clean, combine, transform and shape the data in only minutes instead of hours or days. At the end of this exciting introduction, you were probably asking yourself something like: “OK that sounds great! But how will Power Query help me? And how can I use it?” Continue reading “Let me introduce my new favorite super hero: Power Query!

The Power (BI) of Community

Another great evening with fellow Power BI enthusiasts!

On Monday Ben and I attended the second London Power BI User Group Meetup. In case you’ve never heard of Meetup, it’s a platform where you can create/join groups and organize/find events with people who share a specific interest in your city. Game of Thrones, yoga, hackathons…there’s something for everyone.

Continue reading “The Power (BI) of Community”

The Modern Analyst is a Designer

The dream MI team includes an empathetic “chameleon” who can stand in the business user’s shoes, understand their needs, and ultimately design the reporting solution that meets those needs. Today I want to elaborate on this designer role by explaining what we mean by design and why it is so important for the modern analyst (or data professional). Continue reading “The Modern Analyst is a Designer”