Make “M”agic with Power Query – Episode 1

Welcome to the first video of my introductory series on Power Query, this fantastic Excel add-in! By taking you through different scenarios and the M language behind the scenes, my aim is to show you how Power Query is a game changing tool that will make you look like a “M”agician (…get it?) to your co-workers.

In this 1st scenario we’re going to reshape and transform a raw data table into something cleaner. I will show you how to connect Power Query to an Excel workbook and remove columns and rows. Enjoy the video, let’s begin 🙂

Let me introduce my new favorite super hero: Power Query!

In his previous post “How to become the star analyst of your company”, Kevin quickly introduced the “Microsoft BI Things” and more specifically Power Query. This new (Well… actually it came out in 2013) free add-in enables you to get data from almost any sources and clean, combine, transform and shape the data in only minutes instead of hours or days. At the end of this exciting introduction, you were probably asking yourself something like: “OK that sounds great! But how will Power Query help me? And how can I use it?” Continue reading “Let me introduce my new favorite super hero: Power Query!