Your journey to the analytics edge, Agility is Key, Structure is a must.

An iterative approach with the big picture in mind.

Our approach

We deploy dashboards in sprints, iterating as we go to ensure high adoption: the delivery of solutions is made as a series of quick wins that each fit in the “big picture”. That way, your investment is fully controlled and can easily be matched against the outcome to measure a monthly ROI. Our dashboards hit the nerve, every time. Our monthly projects routinely deliver ROIs between 10X and 50X.


  • Assessment
  • Proof of Concept
  • Quick Win
  • Bespoke Roadmap
  • The Growth Partnership
  • Solution, Design & Development
  • User Adoption
  • Support & Evolve

We deliver solutions by sprints and calculate monthly Returns-on-Investment that consistently exceed 10X.

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Visibility on assets under management

Visibility on assets under management

Project's goal Empowering a 25 sell-side stock broker team and allow the sales manager to identify clients' clusters for sales campaigns. Challenges...

Empowering 70 sales people to sell more

Empowering 70 sales people to sell more

Key Achievements: empowering a 70 people sales team with data to sell more while freeing up 30% of the customer service resources'...

Turning the Lights on Sales & Margin

Turning the Lights on Sales & Margin

Challenge The client, an expanding local food distributor based in Toronto, Canada, lacked detailed visibility of their weekly sales and margin, both...

Helping a fashion retailer reduce inventory by 40%

Helping a fashion retailer reduce inventory by 40%

Key Achievements: helping a fashion business reduce its overall inventory level by 40%, potentially increasing its yearly cash-flow by 12 millions €...


From proof-of-concept to roadmap design to user adoption, our range of services provides a proven framework to deliver quick results and empower every function across your organisation to become more data-driven.

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