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Power BI Retail Sales Dashboard

Adapt your product mix in a specific store with a clear view of its product sales
Speed your decision to close bad performing stores or to expand in hot locations
Adjust your workforce in stores with high/low sales per FTE

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Power BI Profit & Loss Dashboard


Automate your financial reporting and access more insights than ever before
Control expenses across departments and ensure everyone achieves their targets
Collaborate with other users by giving them access to the data that concerns them

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Power BI Inventory Optimization Dashboard


Never miss a sale by ensuring best-sellers are in the right place at the right time
Increase cash flow by reducing stock for specific products in overstocked locations
Achieve your target cover rate with a data-driven ordering process

Power BI Procurement Dashboard


Quickly spot changes in supply costs by product and supplier
Uncover cost savings for any product or commodity by comparing suppliers
Focus on better suppliers and increase price pressures

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Freed from reporting, you can dedicate your resources to analyzing.


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Analyze a set of meaningful and related KPIs to make actionable conclusions.



Spot outliers and get to the bottom of your question in seconds.