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Procurement teams and managers need a clear visibility on stocks and lead times together with an understanding of sales in order to optimize stock. We help you merge insights that are derived from both your warehouse management system and your sales system to enable you to act faster: order the right items at the right time at the right place, by anticipating demand in order to minimize lost business due to stock unavailability.

Stock Availability Solution

Problem: The buying team is relying different sources to extract information which creates delays in responding to product demand and there is a sense that the team is unfocused and confused by the amount of raw information available. There are thousands of products to make decisions on everyday and most likely lost business due to unmet demand.

Solution: A single source of truth solution that helps buyers quickly focus on the 20% of the products that generate 80% of the problems and quickly visualise soon to be out of stock items and re-order them if needed.

Inventory Cover Rate Solution

Problem: The merchandising team is struggling to get a clear understanding of stock levels by product in the different warehouses and stores worldwide, and to send the right items to the right stores at the right time, resulting in unsatisfied customers and less sales.

Solution: Helping merchandising analysts quick visualize the number of months worth of stock by product in region and stores to anticipate product supply shortening and not re-order overstocked items, enabling to sell more, increase cash-flow and reduce stock holding costs.

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