Make “M”agic with Power Query – Episode 1

Welcome to the first video of my introductory series on Power Query, this fantastic Excel add-in! By taking you through different scenarios and the M language behind the scenes, my aim is to show you how Power Query is a game changing tool that will make you look like a “M”agician (…get it?) to your co-workers.

In this 1st scenario we’re going to reshape and transform a raw data table into something cleaner. I will show you how to connect Power Query to an Excel workbook and remove columns and rows. Enjoy the video, let’s begin 🙂

Sensdat featured in the top 20 UK young digital entrepreneur of the year

Good news… 🙂


We are thrilled to see our team’s (represented by Kevin our CEO) achievements recognized by our nomination in the top 20 “UK young digital entrepreneur of the year 2016” at the Young Digital Leader Award!

This recognition comes as the cherry on the cake after a very busy summer during which we started to make a name for ourselves in the luxury sector. We couldn’t be more excited for the challenges and hustles that await us in the coming months.

The Sensteam