Helping Swissroc Real Estate improve its cash-flow by more than 50%

Helping Swissroc Real Estate improve its cash-flow by more than 50%


Swissroc Real Estate is the fastest growing Real Estate Company in Western Switzerland. Sensdat is their long term data analytics strategy and implementation partner. One of Swissroc’s latest challenge was a lack of visibility on their providers and debtors accounting. This blurred vision hurt the company in two main ways:

  1. A huge time wasted by the accounting department manually digging into the ERP system to answer to project managers and site supervisors finance related questions.
  2. Non optimized cash-flows, resulting into a greater pressure on the finance team as well as the project managers and the site supervisors.

Swissroc is using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP to manage their finances.


The data in this screenshot has been randomised and debtors and providers names concealed.

We developed a data model (or “finance brain”) connected to the Dynamics NAV ERP.

From this model, we designed 4 dashboards based on a detailed requirement gathering with the finance team. Each dashboard has a specific angle, for example: providers , debtors, and cash-flow analysis. We created insights that had never been made available to the business previously, presented in intuitive, simple visualisations. For example, because the financial data contains hundreds of distinct providers and debtors, we gave users the ability to search for a specific account in addition to having the most cash-flow problematics partners visible at a glance.

In order to dramatically increase the ROI of the solution, the dashboards were securely distributed not only to the finance team but also to the project managers and the site supervisors to empower them to manage their own finances.

Key benefits & Return-on-Investment

The information available in the dashboard has been put to use in many practical ways to serve Swissroc’s business operations. The CFO shared with us a few great outcomes achieved thanks to the solution:

  • Prior to the solution, project managers and work supervisors were queuing in the finance office to ask “who has paid and who should we pay?”, giving the finance team an unmanagable quantity of requests to answer – each time involving manual manipualtions in the ERP and Excel. Today, Swissroc saves a huge time every day because the finance team as well as each project manager and site supervisor have a clear visibility on their finances, in real-time. 
  • Thanks to the solution, Swissroc very quickly saw an upward of 50% cash flow improvement. The difference was so dramatic that even their auditors asked how this was possible during their latest accounts revision.

«Sensdat built a complete, clear and simple view of our providers and clients for our accounting department. This solution enabled us to improve our cash flow by more than 50%, which even surprised our auditors – PWC – during our latest accounts revision.»

Thang Nguyen, CFO and COO