We are now a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data & Analytics!

On behalf of the Sensdat team, I am proud to announce that we have reached the Microsoft Gold competency in Data Analytics, after just over 2 years in the business of helping people and companies make sense of their data.

The Gold partner recognition means that we are now in the top 1% tier of Microsoft’s trusted partners worldwide. It demonstrates Sensdat’s best-in-class capability for delivering data analytics, data visualisation, and the digitisation of business processes with impressive results. We’ve now helped more than a thousand people make sense of their data.

How did we get there so soon?

We believe that our winning approach is at the essence of our success so far: we are young, business-minded people who are not only passionate about data and new technologies, but who also love understanding how people work and finding ways to help. We understand that the successful implementation and adoption of data projects is all about people, communication, practicality, and simplicity.

We often hear from the people we work with that we stand out from “typical consultants”. Our youthful and fresh approach brings positive energy to our projects. The experience we have built in agile project management, within structured implementation frameworks, ensures that every project is set up for success from day 1; and our dedication to the human side of the equation ensures every stakeholder gets fully involved in the project. This formula enables our clients to see a dramatically higher return-on-investment.

Everyday, we work tirelessly to help our clients seize the potential hidden in their raw data: from reducing costs or stress, to saving time on frustrating business processes. By coaching and challenging them in their digital transformation journey, we help great companies such as Page Group, Draper Tools and Xafinity Group prepare for the future.

Data challenges are everywhere

If, like most people and companies we talk to, you feel frustrated about your business processes involving data analytics and reporting, you can reach out at contact@sensdat.com. We’ll get back to you within a few hours 🙂