Helping retailers monitor their sales easily

Helping retailers monitor their sales easily

With more and more data gathered accross different systems every day, it is increasingly more challenging for retailers to get a full, clear yet simple view of what’s happening in their business. What products perform well and where are they sold most? What product lines do not meet the business expectations? Why?

In this short video, we will show you an example of how retailers can use the power of modern analytics to monitor everything happening in their business from a sales point of view:

  1. Get an overview of your sales KPI by country, store and category.
  2. Compare your stores to know which ones are the best/worse performing ones.
  3. Drill-down into that store whose sales are down vs prior year and understand why by looking at real-time view of categories and products in that store.
  4. Contact the store manager and share these numbers with her so action can be taken: for example, bad performing product lines can be discounted or even dropped.

We hope this video will excite you and motivate you to spread the word on what can be achieved with modern analytics within your company.


Kevin Follonier is a swiss co-founder and the CEO at Sensdat, a data analytics consulting firm helping people and companies make sense of their data.