Our new analytics partnership with Scan Computers

Delivering modern analytics solution with one of the UK's major tech players

Analytics partnership with Scan Computers

Scan Computers and Sensdat are proud to announce a new partnership focused on delivering Analytics-as-a-Service solutions to help businesses gain actionable insight into data and pricing trends within their organisations.

Scan Computers is a leading UK supplier of bespoke systems for business, higher education and more recently in the developing sector of AI research. The company has over 200 staff including system architects, engineers and data scientists, and last year, launched their Scan Business arm offering complete enterprise-level hardware, software and services. As part of the services portfolio, Sensdat will help Scan deliver data analytics solutions to its clients as part of Scan’s business productivity offering.

Andy Holdsworth, Head of Scan Business, says “The explosion in big data within companies is driving key industry development such as deep learning and AI, however this huge volume of data being processed has to be somehow visualised and understood, ideally in a way that results in clear conclusions and actions. Sensdat’s analytical tools and dashboards provide this simple, yet powerful insight for our customers embarking on big data projects.”

Will Debost, Sensdat Co-Founder and Head of BI Solutions, comments “Scan is exactly the kind of company we look for in a partner – they offer high-quality products and services, with a strong focus on product innovation and customer care. They genuinely believe in the power of analytics, so we’re very excited to join forces and spread this power to more organisations.”

The Scan Business website highlights the benefits our combined efforts bring to the analytics arena, and our teams are happy to engage with customers to begin planning proof-of-concept examples for data analysis with your company today.


Kevin Follonier is a swiss co-founder and CEO of Sensdat, a data analytics consulting firm helping people and companies make sense of their data.